• noun
  • brain-child
  • /ˈbɹeɪn.tʃaɪld/

  • : an idea, plan, or creation of a person
  • : diverse, lean, brilliant
  • : a place of creativity, innovation and strong work ethic
  • : a diverse portfolio of innovators
  • : group of experts across various disciplines working on differentiated brands

who we are

We’re a collective of engineers, operators, and designers that build physical products & digital services.

how we work

Each member of our team is instrumental in the development and success of our brands and we work in unison to create positive change within our brands and across our entire team.

Because our brands exist within the brainchild ecosystem, we're able to share resources, data, and talent continuously. Some of us work in one vertical and others across all brands, so everyone is empowered to find both specific and universal solutions.

why we're here

Our mission is to create lasting products that provide real value in the lives of our customers.

The Arrivals

Redrafting Outerwear


The Arrivals was founded out of the supreme ideal of forever wear - garments engineered with painstaking focus on detail, quality, and livability for paths yet to be cut and elements unnamed. @TheArrivals


A New School of Beauty


Onomie was created to simplify beauty and maximize the benefits of individual beauty products, for women who recognize that beauty should not be complicated. @OnomieBeauty

Brainchild Holdings

Brainchild teams up with exceptional entrepreneurs to support their vision becoming a reality and seed funded 10 $1B+ companies. Brainchild’s realized and unrealized investment returns rival those of top-performing institutional venture funds across all vintages.

In total, the firm has independently funded over 135 companies and has pre-seeded or seeded transformational companies including Hero, Docker, Oscar Health, Gusto, Forward, Harry's, Warby Parker, Dataminr, Blockstack, Astranis, ClassPass, Seatgeek, Allbirds, Sweetgreen, Quartet Health, Cricket Health, Atrium, Quip, Mirror, Science Exchange, DuckDuckGo, Drift Energy, Arcadia Power, The Wing, Heyday, WayUp, Outdoor Voices, Reformation, Immunomic Therapeutics, SmithRx, MakerBot, SmartThings and Artsy. The firm also holds Series A and/or growth stage positions in Uber, Pinterest, Peloton, Clover Health, Color Genomics, Zillow and XPO Logistics

For inquiries contact us at inquiries@brainchild.co